The whole idea with this blog is for me to develop in the kitchen, try new things and to do things that I’m maybe not totally comfortable with. But comfortable is boring (sometimes, but other times it’s just cozy), so I decided to start a series of Pop Up kitchen events. I want to try new reciepes, cook for new people and try to create a nice dining experience. A week ago the first Makki’s Pop Up Kitchen took place.

Since it is new for me too cook for a lot of people and charging for it, I have to admit it made me a little bit more nervous than just a regular dinner party at home. To keep myself a bit calmer I decided to cook food that made me feel secure and safe, and that is of course Swedish food. Traditionally Swedish food is based on meat and fish but there is no problem to adapt to a vegetarian version.

The starter was Plättar but this time I added a herb and lemon oil on the side. The main course was vegetarian Meatloaf with lingonberry jam, oven roasted root crops and cream sauce. For me, this dish connotes the feeling of Sunday evenings when the whole family gathers over a tradtional meal, that is perfect comfort food. My mother would normally make this dish with meat, like the name implies, but she also constructed this vegetarian version which I love. The dessert is a Milkchocolate cream, something I remember having at my Brother’s place a few years ago and I wanted to recreate it. I served it with a salty oat crunch, lingon- and raspberries, sticky chocolate cake and sour cream.

All the dishes were quite heavy but it was a rainy and gray day so I think most people were happy to eat something suitable for fall and cozy evenings. This was the first Makki’s Pop Up Kitchen, but certainly not the last!