For the second round of Makki’s Pop Up Kitchen I wanted to do something that is really German. Or American? Well, German immigrants in America, straight from Hamburg gave the name to the original hamburger, which was probably not what we would expect from one today. Since last year or so there is a big burger hype going on, but as a vegetarian I didn’t really feel like this was something for me (because it’s hard to get a good veggie burger!). But I thought it would be interesting to do my own take on the burger and use flavours that I like! The starter is light, so you will have space for a burger, and the dessert is inspired by classic american flavours.

Beetroot Carpaccio, with horseradish cream

Main Course:
Walnut, chickpea and mushroom burger, with sweetpotato wedges and spicy kale chips

Vegan peanut cheesecake

The whole dinner is 14 euros excluding drinks. We will have beer and wine, and a digestif.
Please send me an email at if you want to reserve a seat or more, and also let me know if you have any allergies (there’s some nuts involved in this menu) or if you want all dishes vegan.