Cheese Plättar with Vegetarian Caviar and Crème Fraîche

This dish is inspired by the russian dish blini, small pancakes made out of buchwheat flour and served with smetana and caviar. I wanted to make my own version with swedish flavours. By using the cheese „Västerbottenost“ the flavour is very typical Swedish. It is originated from the north of sweden, and was created by a coincidence 1872 by a dairymaid who is said to be distracted by a courting Milk farmer. This accidental cheese was a succes and is a very popular one across Sweden. The saltiness and a hint of ocean goes perfect with the cheese flavour,  but since I’m a vegetarian I don’t eat normal caviar, but I think the non fischy one is tasty too. You can buy it at Sweden abroad (no not the Swedish Embassy, Ikea of course!).  This dish is perfect as a starter, but if you serve it with a simple sallad on the side, it works great as a main course too.

So, swedish russian fusion, here we go!

What do you need?
150 g cheese, preferable ”Västerbottenost”, but it also work with other types of aged cheese, like manchego or pecorino,or even parmigiano
2 eggs
2 cooked poatoes
200 ml flour
100 ml milk
3 table spoons of cream
butter for frying
vegetarian caviar
1 red onion
Crème fraîche or schmand


  1. Yiiiihaaa!!! Jag har ju ätit dina tidigare blinier och dom går minsann inte av för hackor! Och nu med OST! Mm-m-mmm! Fantastiskt rolig video!! :)

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