Kimchi Hot Dog

After tons of emails, letters, and strangers stopping me on the street with requests about making another guest video with Oliver ”Bachelor Pasta” Hunke I could not resist the pressure anymore. I had to give in and give him some more camera time. This time he is back with his latest creation ”Kimchi hot dogs”. This dish feels very right now, with the fast food gone fancy hype, and the very popular kimchi.


Oliver, what kind of reactions did you receive after your last guest video post?
What can I say? I didn’t expect people to get so emotional over a dish. Sure, there were some haters telling me that my dish was uninspired and even disgusting, but there was people who called it life-changing.

Why Kimchi Hot Dogs? It sounds very hip!
Well, you know me … when it comes to cooking, I always try to push it to the next level …

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