Makki’s Cake’s On The Menu

Easter carrot cake

The blog is still alive! Even though it didn’t seem like it lately. It’s been a combination of getting through the end of winter (lack of inspiration) and not having so much time. But spring is slowly coming and I’m starting to get back into the cooking and baking groove. I will plan another Pop Up Dinner soon, this time with a spring inspired theme!  And I will also make some fresh new videos for easy dishes, because no one wants to spend all their time in the kitchen when the sun is shining.

But the main reason for this post is some sweet news I want to share. The bar Twinpigs in Neukölln is open daytime as a café since a few weeks back. They serve coffee from Five Elephant, Tea from P&T, yummy sandwiches (great veggie options too) and…drum roll….Makki’s cakes! I bake a variety of cakes, from New York cheesecake, carrot cake with frosting to super sinful sticky chocolate options. There is always vegan treats too, like chocolate truffle cake, coffee and walnut cake and rhubarb and strawberry crumble.
I’m very excited about this and I think you should pay Twinpigs a daytime visit and eat plenty of cake! The café is open Tuesday to Saturday from 14.00, but why not stay until the evening and switch coffee and cake to cocktail and cake (great combination). Go get cake!

Hopefully this is just the beginning of my cake business, and will share the news here once everything starts rolling.
Until then, let me know if you need a cake, I’ll make it for you!