At the moment Makki’s Mash mash is on international grounds to discover new things to eat and cook. And the city of choice is no other than New York.

In todays post I visit the food market Smorgasburg, an outdoors food court with about 100 vendors, taking place on two locations in Brooklyn each weekend. This time I tried to types of savory food and a dessert. I thought this visit was a good chance to see what was happening on the food market scene in New York. And judging from the lines, french fries with fancy toppings is the hot shit right now. I was too lazy to stand in that never-ending line and went for a vegan beetroot slider with coleslaw, a scallion pancake, and ice cream! The scenery was great, also the food, but honestly I’m not a huge fan of standing in line for overpriced small portions (which seems to be an international food market problem). Overall, it was a delicious and fun visit to Smorgasborg.