Strawberry & Prosecco Popsicles

There is no denying it anymore, it is summer! Some days you really know it more than others, and maybe you are like me and want to make the most if it. And what better way than to have a get togther with drinks and some food? I thought an alcoholic popsicle is a perfect way to start a dinner, instead of your regular welcome drink. This recipe is for 4 boozicles, but just re-calculate according to how many friends you have/how drunk you wanna get.
Prepare yourself to get refreshed, and a little bit tipsy!

What you need:
250 ml Prosecco
100 g fresh strawberries
2 tea spoons of nice honey
1 sprig of mint
zest from half a lemon

Start by removing the green hats from the strawberries, and slice a few of them. Make sure you have around 4 thin slices for each popsicle. Then you puree the strawberries together with honey, mint leaves and lemon zest! Taste to see if you think it’s sweet enough, if not, add some more honey. Carefully stir in the prosecco with the puree. Prepare the molds by putting the strawberry slices at the bottom. Then you carefully pour in the liquid.  Pop the little ones in the freezer and wait. Wait. Wait a little bit more….Cirka 3 hours later you can enjoy them! Invite some good friends, sit on your balcony (or outside, or in a window) and feel the summer in your mouth.